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Listen Speak Influence

The Speakers Edge (HERO)

This is a highly valuable program bringing both design and speaking into one engaging workshop. We have developed a strong reputation for delivering speakers programs that have instant impact and simplifying the key elements of what works for today's audience. Jam packed half day event.

Positive Communication

Positive Communication across a team is a foundation of building trust. Whilst we all aspire to open and honest communication so often it can be a challenge to achieve for a whole host of reasons. This is a crucial workshop for all leaders and teams who work in a fast paced environment.

Empathetic Listening (NEW)

Communication is the most important skill in life and critical to your effectiveness as a leader. How often do we listen with the intent to reply. We may appreciate the value in attentive listening although the highest form of listening is empathetic listening. Empathetic listening really gets inside another persons frame of reference and is an entirely different paradigm.

The Inspiring Speaker : Stories & influence

Want to influence and empower at a whole new level? This workshop covers the crucial elements of speaking and valuable insight into the latest strategies used by exceptional speakers. It supports participants to further develop their authentic style and truly engage their audience.

The Engaging Presenter - Power Point

This workshop aims to stimulate your creative side and inspire the confidence to be more adventurous with both structure and presentation media and further develop your unique style. Presenting, facilitating and speaking in general have embarked into a new arena: Today’s audience and learners alike enjoy being entertained.