Stephanie Noon: Mastering Goals & Mindset

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Positive mindset speaker Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Hobart. Conference Speaker Australia Wide.

Stephanie delivers in a unique, engaging and compelling manner that has participants fully engaged and affirmed throughout the whole session.

Speaker Style:
Stephanie lives by what she teaches and appreciates that life is a journey often requiring us to master ourselves. Her authentic belief in people is infectious. She knows in her heart that anyone has the ability to move from unmotivated to motivated when they have the right tools, delivered in the right way.
In Mastering your Mojo Stephanie she takes you through a research base goal-setting process. Allowing participants to really plan, think and set the foundations in place for a goal they wish to achieve. She incorporates her journey to her own achievement and staying on track mentally in achieving a Masters Gold Medal at 50.
A gifted storyteller who will leave you with a belief "I can do it".

Popular Keynotes:

> Mastering Your Mojo: goal setting for success
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Brief Background
Stephanie holds a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing, a Certificate IV in Life Coaching and she also obtained a distinction in Teaching Character and Creating Positive Classrooms from the Relay Graduate School of Education, and an Honor Code Certificate from the Berkeley University EdX program – The Science of Happiness.

Stephanie is an accomplished elite athlete and has three Gold Medals and a Silver Medal from the Masters Games and is an Australian record holder for the 100m relay.

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