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Communications Keynote Conference Speaker Australia - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin. Australia Wide

Over the last fifteen years, Sharon has helped over 1200 media professionals and business executives in advanced communications. Sharon gives them the skills and confidence needed to present themselves effectively in board meetings and investor briefings through to conference keynotes and tough media interviews. Sharon integrates the science of mindfulness across her work.

Speaker Style:
Sharon's keynotes draw on powerful communication techniques learned through her career in Media coupled with her immersion and practices in mindfulness and the ability to master thoughts to fuel positive action.

Her empowering and punchy seminars leave participants in an empowered state with research-based strategies to focus on the task at hand and build resilience to cope with challenges in communicating with professionalism.

Popular Keynote Topics
• Elevate your Impact and Influence
• Communicate Clearly
• Self Talk: Lead your mind

Recent Testimonial
'Practical, experienced and knowledgeable. Sharon is an essential asset to anyone venturing into public speaking.'
Matthew Gray: Head of Training Quantas Airways

Brief History
An award-winning broadcaster formerly with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Sharon is passionate about building resilient, engaged and effective teams.

Her experience spans workplace wellness, communications, and mindfulness. From harnessing the power of storytelling to designing comprehensive health and productivity programs, Sharon’s unique approach delivers lasting change for individuals and organisations.

Sharon Speaks Nationally, please get in touch for availability and a quote including date, location and the approximate size of the conference group.

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