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Jane Wundersitz is a high energy and engaging speaker who has the ability to inform and involve audiences simultaneously! She has been consistently ranked in the top 5 most popular motivational speakers for Australia Premier Speakers Bureau 2015, 2016, 2017. Topics : All things Positive and delivers with woo!

Speaker style:
Her high energy and positive approach compliments the active learning environment. Participants stay involved throughout the session and self- reflection, interaction and personal application is high. If you are looking for a positive impact and a fresh mindset- Jane will deliver.

Popular keynotes:

> Live Life Forward : happiness and wellbeing

> VIA Character Strengths : Elevating Authentic Character

> The Good Life : What matters most?

> Positive Psychology at Work

> Leading with Strengths

> Positive Progress: for volunteers

> A strengths focus for Educators

> Strengths based parenting

Keynote Business and entrepreneurship

> Resilience for Business Leaders

> A purpose driven business:
Why do you what you do? and WHY knowing this matters?

> Hope Matters : Cultivating an optimistic mindset

Examples of the variety of recent Conference /Keynotes
> International Student Wellbeing and the Prevention of Violence
Conference 2016
> 5th Australian Positive Psychology Conference 2016
> Indigenous & Intensive Services Department of Human Services
Conference 2016
> L'Oreal : Kerastase National Conference
> Group Training Australia Conference
> MedVet National Conference
> ENDIA research National Conference
> 100 years of Scouting Conference
> PowerHealth Solutions National Networking Conference
> University of South Australia : Office Professionals Forum
> Elders Real Estate Annual Conference
> Middleton Securities Annual Customer Evening
> Safe Work State Events 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Brief Background:
Jane Wundersitz is recognised as a pioneer in bringing Positive Psychology into her corporate training since 2004, her first programs were developed in her Learning and Development role at The Body Shop. She is the founder of WunderTraining which began in 2012 and is now a leading provider of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing workshops nationally. She has personally delivered training to over 5000 participants from near every industry you can imagine.

Qualifications include A Diploma in Positive Psychology and wellbeing, a Bachelor Degree in Visual Arts, Training and Assessment. She is the Australian Master Trainer for VIA Institute on Character and ASA Authentic Strength Advantage and is accredited in TMS Window on Work Values and Organisational Profiles.

She has worked internationally in Learning and Development National roles and in State Management roles.

Recent Awards an Acknowledgements

In the 2016 AI Global Excellence Awards she was awarded the
Most Outstanding Motivational Speaker
The Global Excellence Awards were designed to recognise the very best in the business.

APAC Insider Australian Business Awards 2016 Best Motivational Speaker 2016

State Bank Small Business Competition Winner 2016

Kochies Business Builder Competition Winner 2016

2015 AI Global Excellence Awards - Most Outstanding Motivational Speaker

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