Keynote Speakers

There is nothing more exciting than seeing a brilliant speaker who moves you to action. At WunderTraining we have GOLD speakers who do just that. If you are looking to start your conference with a WOW factor you have found the jackpot pool of talent!

Our Keynote speakers speak Nationally. Please get in touch for a quote and to secure your date.

Jane Wundersitz: Positive and energising !

Jane Wundersitz is a high energy and engaging speaker who has the ability to inform and involve audiences simultaneously! She has been consistently ranked in the top 5 most popular motivational speakers for Australia Premier Speakers Bureau 2015, 2016, 2017. Topics : All things Positive and delivers with woo!

Stephanie Noon: Mastering Goals & Mindset

Stephanie delivers in a unique, engaging and compelling manner that has participants fully engaged and affirmed throughout the whole session. In Mastering Your Mojo she takes you through a journey to Goal Achievement and her path to a Gold Medal at 50 . A gifted storyteller who will leave you with a belief " I can do it".

My Holland: EQ / Mindfulness

My is a captivating speaker who makes you think. My believes that bringing well-being and happiness to work will benefit not only our workplace but also our private relationships: family, friends, the community and by extension the inter-connected world. She delivers with wisdom and warmth.

Sharon Longridge:Communication Resilience

Over the last fifteen years, Sharon has helped over 1200 media professionals and business executives in advanced communications. Sharon gives them the skills and confidence needed to present themselves effectively in board meetings and investor briefings through to conference keynotes and tough media interviews. Sharon integrates the science of mindfulness across her work.