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Want to be a confident and compelling speaker? This workshop covers the crucial elements of speaking and valuable insight into the latest strategies used by exceptional speakers. It supports participants to further develop their authentic style and truly engage their audience. Perfect to recharge and inspire regular speakers, occasional speakers and nervous speakers.

Irrespective of the material or speech you deliver this workshop will support you to become a more efficient, proficient and engaging speaker.
Even those who fear speaking with thorough preparation and practice, you can overcome your nervousness and perform exceptionally well. Public speaking is a learn-able skill. Confidence in public speaking skills can help you advance your career and create opportunities and also boosts your self-confidence

This workshop will cover:
• coping with internal fear.
• insight into meeting the demands of today’s listener and common audience complaints
• crucial presenting skills including - the power start
• body language non- verbal tips
• prepare for and skillfully respond to questions
• identify personal core strength to enhance authenticity
• story telling with impact
• the power of the pause
• the basics of on boarding an audience through light participation
• an understanding of humour and a simple structure to use it appropriately
• deal productively with audience cues

 *You will not be required to give a presentation within the workshop.

10/10 Everything was brilliant! Jane was very engaging and switched on about the topic. Lots of group activity and you really get something from it. I particularly enjoyed the power of pauses. Thank you. Miranda

Excellent- One of the best workshops I've been too! Jane was enthusiastic about the content and the whole presentation was engaging and interactive. Amber- University of South Australia Work Smart Program

A great example of audience participation:

• Start slow. Have people do one small activity before an activity that is longer or more complicated.
• Make sure it's always safe. Don't ask people to do anything they are not comfortable doing, especially at the beginning.
• Humour is good for making people relax, but don't make fun of people as a form of humour, or the entire audience will start to feel unsafe.
• Research shows that synchronicity bonds people together—when people do something together, such as clap, laugh, raise their hand to a question, it bonds the group. A bonded group feels safe, so ask your audience to do something all together and the group will bond.

Steve Jobs- great tips to his unique style. He was a truly inspiring presenter.

Here are some quick reminder tips on Body Language.

The 10 Worst Body Language Presentation Mistakes

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Duration3 Hours