Clear Communication for Positive Influence

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Good communication characterises high functioning workplaces. The Communicating Clearly program will build your people’s ability to listen and speak effectively when it matters most.

Participants will learn and practical communications tools which they can use every day at work. This immersive training will explore:

• Clarity and purpose: Getting clear on your intention
• Building rapport
• Deep Listen: Demonstrating respect through focused awareness
• Building receptivity: Techniques to reduce misunderstanding
• The right words: Shaping a narrative that is clear and complete
• Empathy and compassion in communication

The training is well suited to frontline staff, client-facing teams and management trainees.

Format options
> 90 minutes Wunder bite
> Half day workshop

“A brilliant training session with a huge amount of really valuable learning that I will keep thinking about at work and outside of work.” Alison, SSI

Sharon Longridge, Jane Wundersitz and Stephanie Noon

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