Flourish: The Science of Wellbeing

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This is a 2.5 hour comprehensive wellbeing program which brings current research into a well rounded, interactive and insightful workshop. High impact for real life application.

The Well Being : The path to Flourishing at Work and In Life

• The Wellbeing Journey
- 5 key areas to human flourishing PERMA model
- Signature Character Strengths at optimum , overuse and hot buttons

• Understanding the Mind-Body Connection
- Neuroscience of Optimism
- Building a resilient mindset

• Mastering Physical Health : Sleep. Eat and Move for wellbeing
- Sleep Well & Handle Common Sleeping Challenges
- Physical Activity & Exercise for Mental Health

• Relationships Matter
- Identifying your support network
- Master key traits of positive communication

• Maintain Your Wellbeing in a Fast-Paced Workplace
- Towards goals
- Introduction to a simple prioritisation strategy

Participants are invited to take their online VIA Character Strengths profile:

The assessment will take on average 10-15 minutes to complete.

Jane Wundersitz – will be the facilitator for your event. She is recognised as a global pioneer in bringing Positive Psychology into her workplace training since 2004 and is a leader in delivering practical and empowering keynotes and seminars in a workplace setting for a whole life impact.

She has worked in executive and senior level leadership roles and appreciates the challenges in working in a high pressure and fast paced role.

Jane is a Positive Psychologist and the Australian Master Trainer for VIA Institute on Character. VIA are the leading global Centre for Positive Psychology research into character strengths which underpin human flourishing.

The VIA assessment is the only scientifically validated online Character profile tool. Research shows that knowing and applying our unique signature character strength increases our capacity to be fulfilled, have greater life satisfaction and we are better able to overcome adversity.

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