Mastering Stress: A lifestyle approach

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Stress is thought to be the enemy of productivity, health and wellbeing. What if we viewed it differently? What if we viewed work/life balance as an achievable goal? How often do we get the opportunity to sit back and think about the shape our days are taking... our life is taking? What is important? Did you know that stress claims cost Australian businesses more than $10 billion a year?

In the workplace we may feel stressed out, anxious and misunderstood.

In our personal lives the stresses can be driven by financial pressure, family matters, relationship issues and responsibility.

Stress can be brought on by a myriad of reasons. We are all likely to experience it at some point in our lives and to varying degrees.

This workshop offers participants a three option approach for addressing any stressful situation. Stress is the second most common cause of workplace compensation claims in Australia, after manual handling. And according to the latest data, the overwhelming majority of Australians suffer from stress.

This is the essential workshop for 2018 for all industries.

• Contemporary Pace
• What is work life balance in Contemporary times
• Reviewing our theories on Stress
• Stress vs burnout
• The 3 A's Adjust, Avoid, Accept
• Circle of concern vs Circle of influence
• Techniques to Relax Your Body
• When the Stress Tsunami Arrives
• Healthy Habits

The time frame can be adapted to suit the organisation. The core design is for a 3 hour/ half day in house workshop.

Tailored WunderBites and Keynote Conference delivery is also an option

Jane Wundersitz Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth, Canberra, Northern Territory

Jane Turner Goldsmith Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney

Stephanie Noon Adelaide, Sydney

Recent Testimonials:

Wellbeing Professional Development Workshop: Department of Premier and Cabinet

10/10 Highly valuable and engaging. A really helpful course to make participants more aware of ways to reduce stress. I enjoyed reviewing habitual language surrounding stressful situation.

Staff Professional Development Day: Woodcroft Primary School

Enlightening- a great opportunity to look at yourself through a new lens. Energetically presented.

Engaging workshop with interesting activities. Enjoyed reflecting on things you can change and things you can't. Sue

Creatively presented and enjoyed the activities + cards and reflection time. The encouragement to set a goal was motivating.

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