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Change Today: Innovation + Courage

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“It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change.” Charles Darwin ( c1809-1882) This holds true today- not only for the world’s animals and plant species, but increasingly for business as well. In order to survive- and thrive- companies today must adapt to constantly changing conditions, new opportunities and threats.

The modern workplace has many emotional stresses- professional, interpersonal and internal pressures.

• Change = Innovation + Courage
• Introduce Organisational Change - micro, organisational and macro.
• Organisation time line and key changes as experienced by the team incorporating those on the horizon.
• Introduction to the six human needs with a focus on certainty vs uncertainty
• Step by step strategies to support transition at a personal level.
• Understanding personal communication style under stress.
• Why positive communication is crucial during the change process.
• Proactive focus - Circle of concern vs circle of influence (Stephen Covey)
• Group evaluation of the pro's and cons of the change and what will remain the same.
• Courage in action

Available as a 1.5 hour - 3 hr workshop

Facilitator: Jane Wundersitz
This provides positive insight into change and allows participants to evaluate their unique personal experience whilst supporting team cohesion.

Recent Testimonial:
10/10 Informative and fun. Style in conflict as helped me identify areas of personal improvement. Power point and verbal presentation kept me engaged through out.
Excellent- fast paced and engaging. Gets you thinking. Chris Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

The facilitator was very down to earth, presented in a non-threatening, fun way and was happy to share her experiences. This I feel created a positive, engaged audience.

Recent Testimonial:
Breastscreen South Australia
Bronwyn Knight -Advanced Clinical Educator

10/10 I thought the session was fantastic. The program was very relevant to both my personal and professional life. It created reflection on my own behaviours as well as assisting me to understand that of other. This knowledge provides the foundation to build harmony in workplace teams.

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