Merilyn Beretta

Productivity and personal effectiveness, Positive Mindset, Authentic Leadership

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Merilyn has over 20 years experiences in supporting businesses and organisations through exciting growth phases and has coached thousands in leadership development, life-direction and personal effectiveness.

She has worked internationally in seven countries and pioneered a leadership school in London for one of UK's fastest growing organisations.

Merilyn believes leading your world starts with knowing yourself and having clarity about where you are going.

An eclectic background of: architecture, photography, speaking, strategy, design, writing, branding and teaching.

Merilyn is also a lover of all things Italian... Vespers, espresso, vino rosso and especially pistachio gelati!
Equally at home in Sydney and London.

Currently based in Sydney and Keynotes Nationally


'Merilyn is an extraordinarily inspiring person who understands the complexities to leading well, valuing others and getting the most out of your team. ' Kirsty Harkness

'Merilyn has the rare ability to take people sky high, and the most amazing intuition. She just knows what works! She turns the grey into understanding and practical steps AND she is one of the most creative people I have ever met - a complete stand out. "
Julie Galanti London

'I was full of self doubt and needed to change some beliefs and habits that were holding me back and affecting my results. Merilyn helped me set goals the right way and helped me focus on what mattered most. Working with Merilyn is an amazing, encouraging and rewarding experience. Wow!' Rosalie Audian

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