Henry Lu

Youth and Student Programs - productivity, resilience+ Corporate conference team

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Henry is young and energetic speaker who has adopted principles of positive psychology and self-development in all of his pursuits.

His youth and understanding of today’s youth culture enable him to resonate strongly with students and facilitate an open environment where everyone is able to share their thoughts and ponder new ones.

The vigor and passion that exude from his voice will have audiences engaged through out, and leave a lasting impression long after the presentation is finished.

Currently studying Law at the University of Adelaide, and recently finishing his Bachelor of Arts, Henry is more than a talking head, he is a person who practices what he preaches, continuously updating himself with the latest concepts and principles, then applying them to his relationships, studies and work.

He believes with the right mindset, attitude and a touch of hard work, many of us can achieve what we have always desired and more.

Henry's VIA Strengths :
Perseverance, Self Regulation, Hope, Judgement, Love, Curiosity and Gratitude.

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