Brittany Gallasch

Resilience, Mindfulness and Yoga - Youth, Student and Corporate

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Brittany is a vibrant speaker who has the ability to connect with any audience and radiates warmth. She is currently completing her qualifications in positive psychology and is passionate about helping people be their best.

Brittany is exceptional in connecting with students and creates an open and safe learning environment. She appreciates the challenges of the school years and role models how balance can be achieved.

In September 2014 she commenced her Vinyasa yoga teacher-training where she learnt about alignment, adjustments and anatomy of yoga asana. This training concluded with seven days in Bali where she was immersed in yoga philosophy, pranayama and meditation. This is where Brittany felt she gained invaluable insight into the core of yoga and how simple awareness techniques done with focus and inquiry, can have a profound impact.

She has also completed Kundalini yoga teaching to further experience the incredible transformational power of Kundalini yoga, which has given her a profound new awareness of ways to deal with the waves of life. She is passionate about teaching this yoga to help people do the same.

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