We love...What we do!

Wundertraining is a collection of passionate and professional keynote speakers and trainers who "love" what they do. We each have specialty areas that have evolved and developed over time. We keep up to date with the latest innovations and trends in our fields not because we have too but because we have a genuine interest and thirst for knowledge. Our combined strengths will ensure we deliver high quality, contemporary training that will support organisations at every level.

Jane Wundersitz- Founder, Master Trainer

VIA Strengths, Positive Leadership, Resilience, EQ ,Positive Culture, Mental toughness, Speakers programs

Jane is a high energy and engaging speaker, Master Trainer and workshop facilitator. She delights in supporting others to build a positive and high performing culture.

Stephanie Noon

Goal Setting and Mastering your Mindset, Positive Education

Stephanie lives by what she teaches. She has been using VIA Strengths in her coaching practices since 2009 and has a Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing.

My Holland

Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness and Wellbeing

My radiates wisdom and warmth. She combines her business background (MBA, MA) with her certificate qualifications in Emotional Intelligence, Positive Psychology and Neuroscience.

Annie Harvey

Mindfulness, Mastering Stress Corporate and Student Programs

Annie is a charismatic formally trained mindfulness facilitator and Ted X speaker. She is an engaging, authentic, hands-on and fun presenter passionate about working with both adults and students.

Sharon Longridge

Communicating for Influence, Speakers Programs, Wellness

An award-winning broadcaster formerly with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Sharon is passionate about high impact communication and building engaged and resilient teams.

Devina Naidu

Mindfulness, Wellbeing

Devina is passionate about helping employees function at their best at work, and believes that effective leadership and success comes from waking up the highest potential in ourselves and in others.

Jane Turner Goldsmith

Purpose, Mastering Stress, Mindfulness, Resilience, Wellbeing

Jane is a psychologist, author and former teacher. Her passion is to work creatively with people – whether problem-solving, prompting deep reflection or inspiring ‘story’.

Brittany Gallasch

Mindfulness and Yoga - Youth, Student and Corporate

Brittany is a vibrant speaker who has the ability to connect with any audience and radiates warmth. She is a qualified Yoga teacher and is passionate about helping people be their best.

Claudia Chambers

Corporate Teacher and Student programs

Claudia is a qualified teacher and trainer (BA DipEd) with a post graduate qualification in Coaching Psychology (MSc CoachPsych). She has over 25 years of experience training and facilitating in workplaces, schools and organisations.

Susie Bennett

Support team member at corporate and student events

Susan is a a warm and engaging support team member at our events who enjoys empowering others to reach a more helpful mindset and to take positive actions at work and in life.

Merilyn Beretta

Productivity and personal effectiveness, Positive Leadership

Merilyn has over 20 years experiences in supporting businesses and organisations through exciting growth phases and has coached thousands in leadership development, life-direction and personal effectiveness.

Henry Lu

Support Team member at Youth and Student Programs

Henry is young and energetic support team member who has adopted principles to build a positive mindset and self-development in all of his pursuits. His understanding of today’s youth culture enables him to connect with students.