Engage- Empower - Excel... Our training FEELS different because it is.

WunderTraining believes that a business is only as happy and successful as its people. Our mission is to empower leaders, teams and individuals to be positively engaged at work, school and life.



Vision Statement: To creatively empower leaders, teams and individuals to be positively engaged at work, school and in life. We challenge perceptions, inspire positivity and build resilience. We focus on personal and collective strength and inspire open communication and collaboration.

Our 2020 goal: To be international leaders in delivering dynamic and high impact keynotes and seminars to support building positive and progressive organisations where leaders, teams and individuals flourish.

Specialty Areas include:
• Your Strengths at Work : the path to engagement
• Workplace Wellbeing and Resilience
• Strategic Team building
• Positive Culture and Change
• Exceptional Customer Service
• Inspiring Speakers and Engaging PowerPoint Presentations
• Leadership Foundation Programs
• Contemporary Leadership Bites

Why do WunderTraining workshops feel different? WunderTraining is a fresh and innovative approach to training. We offer creatively presented and insightful workshops, which positively influence individual and team behaviour. We utilise the latest research based strategies for team and personal development and deliver results.

We begin with the end in mind:
By design and through our facilitation we focus on high level engagement and enrolling participants in 'why' the content is relevant and beneficial to them.

Why does Wundertraining Work?

• We ensure the session is fun to participate in, learning is active, and participants stay involved throughout the session.
• We support an environment that is inclusive - so participants “come along” in the journey, and feel physically and emotionally comfortable enough to participate and offer ideas in the learning environment.
• We have exceptional power points and high visual content and consolidate and encourage guided discussions rather than speaking at participants.

• Our facilitators immerse themselves in their topics and are passionately interested in what they present. They have REAL and practical work and life experience in the subject.

• Our goal is for participants to feel compelled and able to put things into practice and make a positive difference in real time.

Please visit our Testimonials to support this
We understand that for any kind of training to be effective, participants must choose to apply whatever new skills or behaviour’s they've just learned back on the job or personally.

According to the latest research programs fail to deliver for two main reasons.
1) 40% is due to poor upfront engagement and poor sustainment afterward.
b) 20% is due to poor event design.

All workshops are offered as keynote, seminar and half or full workshops. We happily tailor content.

WunderTraining clients:
Wundertraining works with a huge diversity of clients. Including Corporate Leaders in Banking , Finance and Insurance. We support national Retailers, Health support service providers, progressive Building and industry companies, Real Estate teams, Supermarket chains, National Online Market place providers. We regularly support numerous National and state based Government departments, Utilities providers, Councils, Universities and Schools. We support an array of not for profit groups, boutique brands and family owned businesses.
We love the variety.

External events are listed adjacent to workshops.If we do not currently have an external event available please enquire and we will advise when the next scheduled event will be.

Recent Awards an Acknowledgements

State Bank Small Business Competition Winner 2016

Kochies Business Builder Competition Winner 2016

2015, 2016 AI Global Excellence Awards
Most Outstanding Motivational Speaker

APAC Insider Australian Business Awards 2016
Best Motivational Speaker 2016

About The Founder :Jane Wundersitz
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Positive Psychology

Australian Master Trainer

Jane Wundersitz is the Master Trainer for VIA/SMCOV. She delivers groundbreaking Positive Psychology programs to empower people and teams in every aspect of their performance.