Engage- Empower - Excel... Our training FEELS different because it is.

At WunderTraining we believe that a business is only as happy and successful as its people. Our mission is to empower leaders, teams and individuals to be positively engaged at work, school and life. * picture WunderTraining supporters at our first birthday celebration in 2013.



Vision Statement: To creatively empower leaders, teams and individuals to be positively engaged at work, school and in life. We challenge perceptions, inspire positivity and build resilience. We focus on personal and collective strength and inspire open communication and collaboration.

Our 2025 goal: To be international leaders in delivering dynamic and high impact keynotes and workshops to support building positive and progressive organisations where leaders, teams and individuals flourish.

Specialty Areas include:
• Strategic and Positive Strength Based Team building
• Positive Culture and Values and Vision alignment workshops
• Positive Leadership and bite size contemporary leadership training
• Well-being and resilience programs: conference groups, workplace teams and student programs
• Speaking skills development and positive communication for influence workshops
• VIA Institute on Character Premier workshops
• ASA Authentic Strengths Advantage workshops
• Emotional Intelligence and mastering a positive mindset
• Mindfulness workshops
• Productivity bite size workshops
• Positively World Class Service
• Preparing for the next chapter, vision creation, harnessing ideas and facilitating forward focus strategy
• Positive, research rich and engaging Student Programs for large groups

What are we most well known for?
1) Positive Strengths based team building and wellbeing programs
We are driven to support organisations to grow engaged, empowered and productive teams through a strengths lens. There has been prolific research since 1998 to support understanding, applying, appreciating and using strengths at optimum is a proven path to engagement from both Gallup and VIA Institute on Character research.

Connecting individual strengths to company values and focusing on the true organisational purpose, supports reaching higher levels of achievement by delivering the business objectives with true heart and soul.

'One of the more striking findings from the Deloitte Culture of Purpose Study- 73 percent of employees who say they work at a "purpose-driven" company are engaged, compared to just 23 percent of those who don't.'
(source: Deloitte

Well-being, resilience, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, mental toughness, productivity and goal setting.
We deliver easy to digest research based programs to bring these topics to life through an engaging and interactive learning experience. Our signature style of workshop supports team building.

2) Positive and Contemporary Leadership bites through to full day events
We know the powerful impact a positive, self aware and authentic leader can have on a team. Leadership is a journey and irrespective of the level of experience or years in the role, their is always new research and strategies to support continued growth.

Positive Leadership is a leadership style and strategy which helps organisations and leaders excel under pressure. Four core areas identified by Kim Cameron include fostering a positive climate, engaging in positive communication, reinforcing positive meaning and developing positive relationships.

In a 2014 survey of 32,000 employees in 26 countries including Australia, international professional services company Towers Watson found that only 44 per cent of Australian employees surveyed said their leaders were effective, compared to 52 per cent of their international counterparts.

For the first time, effective leadership has emerged as the key factor determining engagement and retention of employees, according to the third biennial survey. Mid-level managers, who are more directly involved with staff, received a more favourable review, with 57 per cent of Australians rating them as effective.

For employees who perceive both their leader and manager as being effective, 72 per cent are highly engaged and just 3 per cent are disengaged.

Soft skills have never been more in the spot light - emotional intelligence,positive communication, empathy, forgiveness, listening, story telling, mental toughness and being present are essential skills for today's leaders.
We also deliver the hard core basics like giving and receiving feedback with pop!

Our Speakers Edge program is highly sort after for senior leadership and executive teams. The ability to communicate your vision, your story and goals in an empowering, contemporary and inspiring way is core to being able to influence. The best leaders tailor their own message - it builds authenticity and shows who they really are. We share the best tips, strategies and resources to elevate your speaking and power point skills ready for your very next opportunity to influence.

The thing that our clients love, we build new programs every year and we are happy for you to decide what they are- hence we are like your very own training department. If you want something not in our offer that is at the leading edge, chances are so will some one else - get in touch and if it aligns with our positive and research based training scope we will happily build it.

3) Supporting Positive Strengths Based Schools
When Martin Seligman visited in April 2018 for the PESA conference he stated that Australia was leading in positive education. Our key area of support for schools is in supporting educators to personally and professionally apply the PERMA model to their own work and life and we do this in a high energy team building style of delivery. To really feel the difference in apply the science to your own path gives a true sense of purpose in supporting students to bring the positive strategies in to their own world. Teachers not only deliver the learning but are such powerful role models for character. We love bringing strengths and school values together beautifully and at times a new positive chapter is needed in all organisations. Values at times can become a little like words on the walls and they need to be brought back to life by the people in your team.

Students love a whole year level strengths discovery session- gymnasiums and auditoriums are our thing. In past sessions working with the same school, we know the culture of a year level can change significantly each year. With this insight follow up workshops may target boosting a collective of strengths for the year level that align with key life satisfaction strengths ie gratitude or curiosity.

Jane Wundersitz, the founder of WunderTraining is the Australian Master Trainer for VIA/ SMCOV and ASA Authentic Strengths Advantage and can also certify your own in house champions with VIA Premiere or ASA Authentic Strengths Advantage programs.

We are incredibly proud of our growing national team of charismatic and highly engaging presenters. In their journey they have cultivated a vast wealth of knowledge both practical and applied. Three are authors, a 3 x Gold Medalist, a Ted Talk Speaker, an award winning broadcaster and several Keynote Speakers with international experience. So much wisdom. Please see team profiles - all have a continuous thirst for knowledge and practise what they teach.

Our team members who present strengths and positive culture development and well being programs have either the nationally accredited 'Diploma in Positive Psychology and Wellbeing' the 'Masters in Positive Psychology' and Claudia has the 'Masters in Coaching Psychology' with specialty subjects in positive psychology and peak performance. We have two registered teachers and a registered psychologist and are always happy for you to request a specific presenter if the workshop aligns with their area of strength. Team members have various accreditation's including profiling tools to support deeper dive workshops in VIA Strengths, Emotional intelligence, Mental toughness and Mindfulness.

Please note : we do not at any time provide 1:1 psychological support and recommend you seek an APHRA registered psychologist if you are seeking this specific service.
We can however refer you to our accredited coaches to assist you on your positive well-being journey - they are fluent in VIA strengths based goal setting.

Why do WunderTraining workshops feel different?
WunderTraining is a fresh and innovative approach to training. We offer creatively presented and insightful workshops, to positively influence individual and team behaviour. We utilise the latest research based strategies into how people learn and retain information.

We gain feedback where possible from all of our workshop participants to ensure we reliably provide workshops that are positive, engaging, empowering, worthwhile and support building connections across a team.
Every element is in our program for a reason and we find different strategies and insights resonate and have impact for different people.

We always invest in substantial pre work to deliver a high energy, fast paced engaging and seamlessly interactive session. Our WunderTraining buzz is apart of our signature style and we happily tailor.

We begin with the end in mind:
By design and through our facilitation we focus on high level engagement and enrolling participants in 'why' the content is relevant and beneficial to them.

Why does Wundertraining Work?

• We ensure the session is fun to participate in, learning is active, and participants stay involved throughout the session.
• We support an environment that is inclusive - so participants “come along” in the journey, and feel physically and emotionally comfortable enough to participate and offer ideas in the learning environment.
• We have exceptional power points and high visual content and consolidate and encourage guided discussions rather than speaking at participants.

• Our facilitators immerse themselves in their topics and are passionately interested in what they present. They have REAL and practical work and life experience in the subject.

• Our goal is for participants to feel compelled and able to put things into practice and make a positive difference in real time.

Please visit our Testimonials to support this
We understand that for any kind of training to be effective, participants must choose to apply whatever new skills or behaviour’s they've just learned back on the job or personally.

According to the latest research programs fail to deliver for two main reasons.
1) 40% is due to poor upfront engagement and poor sustainment afterward.
b) 20% is due to poor event design.

All workshops are offered as keynote, WunderBites and half or full workshops. We happily tailor content.

WunderTraining CLIENTS:
Wundertraining works with a huge diversity of clients. National leaders in varied fields like Banking, Finance and Insurance, Mining and Fitness. We have supported national Retailers, progressive Building and industry companies, Real Estate teams, Supermarket and a National Online Market place provider and a leading state utilities provider. We regularly support numerous National and state based Government departments, Councils, Universities and Schools. We support an array of dynamic not for profit groups, boutique brands and family owned businesses. We love the variety, please see our clients on the testimonials page.

We most often deliver in house workshops and at conferences. We happily tailor to your needs and after a brief phone consult, written enquiry or a meeting we can assist you with deciding on which workshop will best suit your objectives. From there we send through a draft outline and quote for consideration. We aim to do this within 24 hrs.

QUICK QUOTE: Please send an enquiry and include location, preferred date, topic or objectives, group size and the length of session.

• Available for large group highly interactive positive tailored conference 90 min > half day event up to approx 350 participants at tables. (Larger groups with advance notice).

• Keynotes any size in Australia and welcome International clients

• Workshop Packages available with bulk discount

• Small team, NFP, volunteer groups. We enjoy the diversity in our client base and provide small team discounts for off peak times of the week/ year, we also welcome group bookings at our external events which can be cost effective for small teams.

Contact us for a quick quote : Workshops price is dependent on workshop/ group sizes that we work with varies considerably / pre work and handout size / regional location + travel etc. We also offer our WunderBites and package options.

Conference key note prices are dependent on the speaker, location and length of session.
Strengths profiling and culture graphing available for very large groups. We love being the conference highlight and have highly accomplished speakers.

Time frames flexible 45 mins > 2 day events.
Participant Group size 5 > 500+

We have occasional external events.If we do not currently have an external event available please enquire and we will advise when the next scheduled event will be.

Recent Awards an Acknowledgements

State Bank Small Business Competition Winner 2016

Kochies Business Builder Competition Winner 2016

About The Founder : Jane Wundersitz
Call Jane direct on 0430 297 970.
Contact page for an email response or a quote.

*Jane Wundersitz is not a registered Psychologist nor registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Wundertraining is not associated with AHPRA

Australian Master Trainer

Jane Wundersitz is the Master Trainer for VIA/SMCOV. She delivers groundbreaking VIA Strengths at work programs to empower people and teams in every aspect of their performance.